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| 七月 3, 2017

iphone 備份提取器裂紋 is used to extract iTunes or iColoud files from iphone and iPad, which is a help to recover lost or deleted files from your devices.Iphone Backup Extractor Torrent offers a lot of options to recover your lost or deleted files. 例如, you can extract contacts as vCards or as CSV files. SMS files can be extracted as HTML or CSV files.

iphone 備份提取器裂紋

The iphone backup extractor is a simple to apply software program that extracts documents from iTunes or iCloud backups. It offers full aid for iphone 7s, 7, se, 6 and 6s, 6 plus and 6s plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, four andiPadd 2, air, Air 2, mini and mini 2. It really works with all ios variations, together with ios 10 and ios nine. The iphone backup extractor is beneficial for extracting snapshots, 視頻, photography movement, 通話記錄, notes, 聯繫, calendars, SMS messages along with whatsapp chats or software records.

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iphone 備份提取器裂紋

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It’s miles unfastened for non-commercial use and can access any report from an ios iTunes or iCloud backup. Registered customers are able to restore greater than 4 records at a time and have full get right of entry to conversion tools for the SQLite databases, iCloud and picture movie download or direct app extraction, with the right, bought plans.

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Why use the iphone backup extractor? Can extract crucial statistics & files from any ios iTunes or iCloud backup (limited depending on the form of backup from plan to plot). Includes encryption aid, even within the lite or basic plan (restrained to 4 documents at a time, unlocked complete assist in top rate). Includes 2fa iCloud backup assist (unlocked in top rate). Includes photo movement assist (unlocked in premium).

Enables you to get right to entry to getting better your deleted SQLite databases (get deleted SMS returned). The easy interface permits fast records and document extraction with an easy click on of a mouse recovery may be very rapid. It routinely unearths your iTunes backupsno need to search for hidden folders works on home windows and os x. Registered users get forensic electronic mail guide for complex or corrupted backups. We’re a pleasant bunch.

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